Colorado Springs, CO

BDFFF: Buffalo Boys


Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival:

Inspired by a true story, "Buffalo Boys" follows the life of IAN, a 15 year old living in Buffalo, NY. After discovering the man who raised him is not his biological father, Ian's world is turned upside down as he heads down a path of self destruction and murder.  His mother, MARY-ANN, refuses to name his real father, fueling Ian's desire to escape suburbia. His girlfriend, LINDSAY, urges him to stay and work things out, while his best friend, DANIEL, continues to lead him down a violent path. Together, the boys sell drugs to make money- until their dealer, MAXINE, offers an easier way to get rich quick...

CAST: Paul Castro Jr., Rodney Mack, Ilana Mollick

DIRECTOR: Raymond Guarnieri

RUN TIME: 80 min